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There Are Conversations Going On Everywhere

The glow road before us seems a name
misleading against October.
We play on installed floor grills
and safety ponies times the beer
marshaling a luminous waste.
The cards are atop a fifth push
despite the holiday of batters, runners, and
a trail of questions. To end the miller
crouched on the outside of yesterday’s
late walk. A hit by pitch
for Harry Houdini like a hokie mention.
He calls time out and delivers with low Ramen.
The whine is a lead-off for ladies as a box dollars slash.
Scooters fly like those late enough, but I’m not so sure
a confused attempt to check the not foul
would be the last real plate with an average pop
or a filled-in week that changes scenes from where we sit
a little bit. I hope they don’t tell them the secret feel thing.
You can watch but it doesn’t matter: great stuff flares
into left. The middle of the numbers work as high
as possible, as zone as speed to okay round.

seed text: Baseball radio broadcast, Cardinals v. Brewers, Sep. 20, 2013
art by raintree1969




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